Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Today's post is not for the squeamish.

Or the kind.

It's only for those of you with control over your gag reflex and a devilish streak.

I was making dolmades this afternoon for our dinner tonight. If you don't know what dolmades are, they're a ground meat (usually lamb, but I Americanized them with beef) and rice mixture rolled up in a grape leaf. Good eating!! Anyway....

I had 1/2 of the ground beef in the mixing bowl with the rice and various other ingredients. The other 1/2 of the meat was still in the syrofoam tray beside me. As I was squishing the mixture with my hands, some of the rice flew out of the bowl and onto the beef on the kitchen counter.

Later, as I was putting the extra, unused beef into a ziploc to freeze for later use, I noticed that the rice kinda looked like maggots in there. Ewww. Then, the first thought in my head was to leave the rice in there. Why? Because I am leaving for a month next week and my hubby is going to be the one cooking dinners. And wouldn't it be funny if he got this bag of meat out to use for the spaghetti sauce one night while I'm gone, and he noticed what appeared to be maggots in it!!! *Evil grin* Of course, I won't be here to set him straight and he would freak out!!

But I didn't. I picked the rice out like a nice wife, and let out a sigh of disappointment as I was putting it in the freezer.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

I am not into buying big presents or store-bought cards, so I made Mr. Rust Magnet and Baby J my own cards on Photoshop. I love heart-felt, homemade sentiments. I hope they do, too!! I wasted so much cardstock trying to get these printed just right--I am ashamed to admit it. (All those test sheets did at least make it into the recycle can. That has to count for something....right?)


I hope all of you are feelin' the love today!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

a 1000 words

This has been a three-week long project, and I finally got it all put together.

I started with this:

Blocks of wood (maybe candle holders??)

Vintage reflector numbers (a Canton purchase MONTHS ago)

Broken photo holder ($0.99 at GW)

And this is what I made today after drilling and painting and sanding!:

They are for sale in my Etsy shop!

Monday, February 7, 2011

All Keyed Up

I recently bought a huge lot of old keys, and I've been deliberating about what exactly to do with them. A couple of weeks ago--before the ice and snow came, and the weather was in the 70s--I spent the day outside and refinished 7 oval frames I'd acquired. The plan was to sell them on Etsy, but I found a fun way to use them today.

I sewed a collection of keys onto some cotton duck and framed them, using those oval frames. I used batting to make the fabric puff out, and blue thread to bring out the blue paint in the frames.

I like the way they look--I am going to make a couple to keep and use in the computer nook. The ones here are for sell in my Etsy shop.