Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Things

For the next few days I'm gonna be giving some shout-outs to some great fellow Etsy entrepreneurs.
There are hundreds of thousands of shops on Etsy. You can find anything you want there--handmade or vintage. They even sell sweets and vegan treats. Yummy!

So, today I'm singing the praises of: wish it was sunday. (Yes, that is a link. Try it!!)

This shop is all about protective cases.
For the Kindle, Nook, laptops, iPads, phones. You name it. Handmade. Customized if you ask

She made me a padded case for my new Macbook Air. It's amazing!! The fabric on the outside is nature-themed with vines, a stag, spiderweb, birds, butterflies, etc. The inside is contrasting fuschia white little white polkadots. And since I didn't want the button-clasp that the original came with, she made mine with a zipper. It has a sweet pink ribbon sewn on to act as a zipper pull.

I had a fear of crumbs and junk in my purse getting into a button-closed side and destroying my new baby. Can you really blame me?

Here's mine:

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