Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In the Works

I always have three or four projects in the works, and I always forget to document them. Bad, bad blogger!! Heck, I haven't even updated my little blog since MARCH!! But, since I have a spare moment, I am making myself sit down at the computer and record this for prosperity. Because I know that all four of you that read this are just dying to know what I am working on at the moment! Hahaha!

I bought this little sitting stool at an estate sale last month, and it has been sitting neglected on a pile of old dresser drawers since. Yesterday, I waded through the mess that is my garage and dug it out. First I sanded it down because the last person who painted it a boring enamel white let the paint run in thick drips down the legs. Poor thing. Then I painted it cream as a base coat and painted a smoky, pale blue second coat  over that. Here is what it looks like so far:

I removed the 1982 floral covered top and it will soon sport one of these grain sack beauties that I bought at auction over the weekend. (Probably the A sack)

I will post a pic of the final product when it is finished! Can't wait!! It will probably be in my bedroom until the Dallas Flea in September. I am going to have my first real booth!! I feel like such a hot shot :)

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