Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting Organized, Old School-Style

 If you are a follower on my Facebook page, you have probably seen these pictures:

I stumbled upon a ridiculous amount of vintage wire gym/locker baskets this week, and I am obsessed with finding ways to use them now! I am only keeping 6 of them and selling the remaining 61!!

Here are some great organizing ideas I have seen using old gym baskets...

I like the look here of incorporating a few onto a bookcase:

This one is basically bringing your childhood locker room--all of it--into your space:

This is a handy way to keep fruits/vegetables within reach:

Yes, please! I love this idea! Bringing plants and locker basket goodness together. It's like combining chocolate and peanut butter. Who can resist?

A stacked tower of suitcases, crates, and locker baskets:

Adding one in a nursery for diapers, etc is a sweet nod to days of old... It looks great with the old license plates, too...

So, if you are big fan vintage locker baskets, stock up on some and put your creativity to good use!

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