Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Everything Looks Better Under Glass

One of the things I like to have around my house is an assortment of cloches. Maybe you know them as bell jars. I used to just have them lying around various surfaces of my house with nothing in them. And then one day I thought to myself, That's dumb. Why not display something in them?!
So, I randomly gathered up some items and whichever items fit into each cloche, that's what got the honor of being displayed. It's not rocket science!This old hotel bell was lost on the bookcase. Now it gets the spotlight under a bell jar.

My favorite photograph of my daughter J, wearing the bride's veil at my cousin's wedding several years back, paired with one of my baby shoes and a thrifted silver rattle and a bird trinket. Makes a pretty noticeable display.

This old iron scale used to look out of place on the mantel. Now, it looks a bit more special.

I even use cloches for their original intended purpose: to grow plants in a cool environment. (No watering necessary since the plant creates its own moisture, and the water that collects on the dome falls back into the soil. No kidding!! I haven't watered this plant since I put it in the dome in July!)

You can find cloches for fairly cheap at thrift stores. Or if you really want to spend $20+, find them online.

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